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Update on SEVIS Implementation


  1. All current and continuing students must be entered by their institution into the SEVIS system by August 1, 2003. This requires that all students arriving at a Port of Entry have a record in SEVIS and be in possession of the new SEVIS I-20.

  2. According to DHS, if a school did not register a student in SEVIS by the August 1 deadline, the SEVIS system will retain the option to create in-status continuing student records.

  3. Any SEVIS record created after the deadline should include a reason for its late creation in the Remarks section of the I-20. In addition, if the record was created after the August 1 deadline, DHS requires that the school official who signs the I-20 also sign and date a written explanation of the circumstances that required record creation after the deadline. This signed documentation should be on institutional letterhead and contain the students name and SEVIS ID number. Documentation does not need to be sent to DHS but must be kept in the schools records and be reviewed as part of the two-year school review.

  4. F and J students must present the SEVIS I-20 after the August 1 deadline. Since some students may not have the new I-20, BICE, in coordination with BCBP and BCIS, have established a SEVIS response team available 24/7 beginning August 1. Its purpose will be to work with inspectors, school officials and the SEVIS Help Desk to assist in entry of students not in possession of the SEVIS I-20.

  5. In the case of students who have an electronic SEVIS record but are not in possession of the SEVIS I-20, the response team may contact the foreign student advisor and be asked to fax a signed copy of the form. The student may then be admitted for Duration of Status. If the foreign student advisor is unable to be contacted in a timely manner, the student may be permitted to enter on a Form I-515 and will have 30 days to mail in the SEVIS I-20 and other documentation to the local DHS office.

  6. In the case of a continuing student who is returning to a SEVIS approved school, but for whom no electronic SEVIS record has been created, the Response team will attempt to contact the foreign student advisor. The advisor will have to create the SEVIS I-20 or provide some other form of enrollment confirmation. Depending on the circumstances, the student may be admitted for the full course of study in D/S or issued Form I-515. Entry cannot be guaranteed without foreign student advisor contact. But, if the student can show evidence of his/her intention to return to the school, the student may be permitted to enter.

  7. In the case of a student entering to attend a school that has not yet had its I-17 approved, the student may enter under limited circumstances. The response team must contact the foreign student advisor to verify the students return. The circumstances of admission of this student will vary and are limited. There is a chance these students may not even be readmitted.

  8. Due to the fact that the SEVIS response team may need to contact a foreign student advisor 24/7, all contact information for this person and alternates should be updated to DHS.

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